Thinking in changing our life often excite us, make us dream and live what we would like our life to be. But sometimes it scares us to the point that we don´t allow ourselves to push to get the change we desire.

Esther Campos

Esther Campos

Esther Campos Pizarro dreamt about changes in her life that got her hope up, but at the same time scared and prevented her to make them true. But she overcome it, hope was bigger than fear. Although she says “never backward, even to gain momentum”, she did it, and took one of the hardest decisions in her life.  She changed her professional life and, of course, that had a positive effect in her personal life.

MiMarbella: Esther, tell us about your dream.

Esther: My dream was working on something that made me feel alive, thrilled…. But at the same time, allowed me to spend more time with my family.

MM: Were you happy with your previous job?

photoE.: I´ve been working for 24 years in an international bank, and I´ve been happy all that time. All those years I´ve grown personally and professionally. I reached the point I wanted to, but after enjoying a wonderful familiar experience, I began to see life in a different way. Then, things that used to made me happy, didn´t made me happy anymore.

MM: What was that experience?

E.: When my third son was born. At that moment I decided to enjoy him and my two daughters, cause I couldn´t  do it before. I took a two years child care leave, though I knew this was going to stop my career. When the baby was just one year old we travel through Canada and spend a school year in Ireland. That was the moment I started to dream with a new life, and that was the turning point in my life.

MM: Tell us more about that turning point.

photo 1E.: When I started to work in my former company, from the very first minute I realized that wasn´t my place, what used to make me happy wasn´t making me happy anymore, it was just the opposite. From that moment my objective was to get a change in my life.

MM: At the end you got that change. How did you do it?

E.: The crux to get it was that I had a professional project that excited me and made me work hard. I can’t forget of course the support of my family and, the situation a lot of companies in Spain were suffering as a result of recession. My former company had to fire a lot of employees, and after a lot of sleepless nights y decide to negotiate my dismissal.

MM: Tell us about your Project.

E.: I started to work the first day I was unemployed. First was additional training, organization, managing and commercialization.

Sierra de Guadarrama

Sierra de Guadarrama

Everything starts in a trip a did with my family, when I realized the interest of many peop`le in our country and language. This interested me  and made me appreciate even more Spain  and Spanish. Later on I travelled to Ireland to study English in a small familiar school that took my attention and charmed me. I started to imagine my own familiar Spanish school for foreigners and I haven´t take a rest since then. Now I have my school in my own house, in a wonderful environment as the Guadarrama National Park.

MM: Why a Spanish school?

E.: We know the importance of languages nowadays, and how important for parents is that their children learn languages. But we want children to enjoy while they learn spanish, so we thought our school was to be a perfect place where children learn, enjoy and last but not least, a perfect place for parents peace of mind.

MM: Is there something that makes your school different?

photo 2E.: Now we are offering summer camps for children aged 10 to 17. We have only 20 seats available, in 6 to 8 groups. This made our school familiar and pupils will feel at home. We will combine Spanish lessons with exciting outdoors activities, cultural and sports, in the city and the wonderful natural park. Pupils will have the opportunity  to get into our language and cultural and every day life, as they will live with host families carefully choose for them. We have programs of SPANISH IN FAMILY, TEACHER´S HOME, THEMATIC WEEKEND, CAMPS IN HALF TERM BREAK AND EASTER WEEK.

MM: Where can we get more information?

E.: Of course in our website, where you will find information of our school, activities and the environment where we are located.  Also, through the website you will easily contact us

MM: Has this change make you happy?

E.: This is only the beginning and I am very happy. Starting is being difficult and hard though. But illusion is stronger than difficulties.

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